10 January 2007

Oh, Before I Forget

Ben Weasel also delivers an incisive and I think largely accurate review of my other favourite band, the Steinways (that's of course if you don't count my other favourite band, the Zatopeks, and no, I'm not being a band slut or groupie or whatever the proper term is, I just happen to think that all three bands, the Left(overs), the Steinways and the Zatopeks are totally the future of rock and roll. And if you disagree, you're just plain wrong.

Oh yeah, one of the best things about Ben's review is that he zeroes in on Steinways resident genius Grath Madden's excessively self-effacing tendencies. As Ben points out, it's great (and refreshingly rare) to see a gifted musician and writer not take himself too seriously. But when you've got that kind of talent, enough seriousness to at least FINISH THE @#%%#!% SONG might be in order. Anyway, Steinways. Remember that name, and unless they get sued by the piano company, they'll probably be able to keep it.

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