13 January 2007

If You Come To San Francisco...

Want a good example of why I think San Francisco is a hateful, vicious, crime-ridden little cesspit? Read this Chronicle account of the Police Chief, the Mayor, a couple of high-powered attorneys and other assorted SFPD spokespersons lying their asses off to protect the well-connected thugs who assaulted the singers visiting from Yale University.

Policing in SF has been a bad joke for a long time, if not always. Example: back in 1977 I called the police when I saw someone breaking into a neighbour's car in front of my house. The cops showed up all right, then sat at the other end of the block until the robber was through ransacking the car and had casually strolled away. Then they finally pulled up, and I rushed out to point them in the right direction. They said, "What do you want us to do? Looks like the guy is long gone."

So I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, that the Police Department and the City government are closing ranks to make sure nobody gets punished for what sounds like a really horrific and completely unwarranted attack, perpetrated by some private school gangbangers who just about everyone seems to know the identity of while pretending not to. SF Chronicle columnists Matier and Ross states openly that one of the thugs, "happens to be the son of a prominent Pacific Heights family," but know it would mean expensive lawsuits and no doubt their jobs if they were to dare to name him.

The whole business has now caused such a stink that the Police may finally have to come up with a sacrificial lamb or two, but no doubt if that happens, we'll have to endure stories about how they're "really good boys at heart," and how they were understandably upset by the sounds of the Star Spangled Banner sung in San Francisco, of all places. Oh, and since there seems to be a heavy homophobic element to the attack as well, get ready for the gay panic defence as well. "One of those fruits winked at me while he was singing," that sort of thing. Please God, tell me I never have to live in Frisco again.

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Did you ever make it to Livermore, CA? Just curious.