25 June 2008

With A Song In My Heart

As some of you will know, I used to be in a couple of bands and have tried my hand at songwriting on a few occasions. However, whether it was because I got tired, or just lazy, not a single new song has emanated from my pen, piano, guitar, or vocal cords in nigh on seven years.

Until now, that is. A local band, Short Attention, about whom I must admit I've been the teensiest bit disdainful at times, did me the enormous honor of asking me to write a song for their new record. True, they asked about 23 other people, too, but that's about how many songs it takes them to fill up a (7") record. And it's worth noting that many of them are punk rock celebrities and recognized geniuses in the art of song sculpting, people, for example, like Joe Steinhardt, Christian Tattletale, Zack and Brad from Dear Landlord, The Dopamines, Miranda Hunchback O'Fancy, Jim Testa, James Cahill, Tom Stray, Lucas Festipal, Ace Steinway, Matt Lame, Chris Pierce, Bill Florio, Lauren Measure, John Denery, Ben Weasel, Eric Peabody, Chris Grivet, The Jerkingtons, Bort and Jesse Luscious.

So I'm in some pretty heady company, and I was really nervous about whether my feeble little effort would be accepted. But it was, and now it's been recorded, and is available right here for your listening pleasure (or not, as the case may be). It's the one about the G train, a local mode of transportation about which you may have heard me complain on occasion, and just in case you don't like it, bear in mind that it's only about 19 seconds long, so you won't have wasted too much of your life checking it out. But let me know what you think, and if the response is positive, I just might write another one sometime in the next seven years!


Anonymous said...

Your song is definitely one of my favorites that we recorded! Thanks again, Larry! Positive Comment! - Chadd

Anonymous said...

That song rocks.

Wesley said...