06 June 2008

Later Thursday Afternoon

The "Onward, Christian Soldiers" marching band came past my window again, still playing the same tune, albeit a bit more bedraggledly after an hour's trek through the streets of Williamsburg.

This time I was able to catch sight of their trailing banner, desultorily held aloft by two adolescents who looked as though, all things being equal, they'd have rather been somewhere else. Apparently I was witnessing the "Brooklyn Sunday School Anniversary Day Parade," a very Protestant-sounding operation for our very Catholic neighborhood. I should have known; usually religious parades in these parts involve flower-bedecked statues of the Blessed Virgin and/or substantial crucifixes. Still a catchy tune, though, that "Onward, Christian Soldiers." Definitely added a bit of pizazz to an otherwise torpid afternoon.

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