07 June 2008

Hentoff: An Old Pacifist Comes Around

Nat Hentoff, who's often about as far removed from me on the ideological spectrum as it's possible to be, makes essentially the same point I was about Myanmar, Darfur, and Zimbabwe, and does so more articulately than I could manage. He also addresses the Zimbabwe issue in the previous week's column. Both are well worth reading.

Ironically, Hentoff is one of those Voiceniks I frequently accuse of "liberal racism" when it comes to intervention in the black communities of our own cities.


Anonymous said...

Me not happy? Quite the opposite, Larry, I taunt you with a smile in hijinks, good spirits and jest. But at the same time; I’m serious as all hell. Please don’t get too offended. If you are going to put it out in public and invite comments then be prepared to take it without getting bent out of shape.

Someone must be willing to say that the emperor’s new clothes are, at the very least, somewhat transparent.

Since you changed your name and reinvented yourself, you seem quite secure in creating and laying claim to a past that can not undergo scrutiny. After all, who can remember or check what Livermore did, when, for most of your life--including all those days in the fifties, sixties and seventies (not to mention the forties and half of the eighties) there was no Livermore. However, do not get too comfortable. The past has ways of catching up to us.

We who remember you from the past recall someone who loved baiting liberals and people on “the left” -left of who, I always wonder when you folks write about “the left“, Stalin? Helen Keller?. And being a fan of Amos and Andy was about the extant of your interest and sensitivity concerning race relations.

You always loved race baiting and always enjoyed using the word nigger (along with all the other epithets) every chance you got. Own on up to it, Larry. You cannot kid me and you cannot kid your own family.

All these claims and commentaries you make seeking attention so as to come across as some seasoned activist hipster who has been around enough to know it all, seen the light and ready to debate about it with the big boys are, by all means, your right as an American, senior citizen and AARP member. If you’ve nothing better to do with your time, wrap yourself in the flag and jump in. Be every kind of chicken hawk your heart desires. But, Larry, please don’t confuse fact with fiction unless you plan to be a bit more honest about the past. And don’t make a nuisance of yourself attacking hard-working, dedicated and honest people who aren‘t hiding behind aliases.

I know your reasons and secrets and I won’t expose you to the point of making you out a total liar and fool or candidate for the jail-house or looney-bin if you will only kindly stick to the facts and try a little kinder tone when you comment on others. Better leave the commentaries to Rush and Dr. Laura.

You still got all those un-sold records and Outlook news-letters to peddle.

Good luck old man,

Me not Happy? Maybe a little. I’m sorry for you. More for your family, they are good people, liberals.

P.S. A suggestion on the book you’ve written that no publisher will touch: instead of styling it as an autobiography, why not consider re-writing it with your protagonist as a modern day Walter Mitty?
Make the story about a character who is quite ordinary but a legend in his own mind who fantasizes himself a super-hero in his importance to culture and politics. I think it might be the door to fame and attention that you so crave and strive for. Also you might try dropping the use of so many big words. They sound amateurish, like someone who is trying to hard to sound like a “real” writer.

Larry Livermore said...

What's so bad about Amos 'n' Andy?

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say on behalf of the Anonymous family that that first guy doesn't represent our views at all and he should quit trying to hide behind our name.

Anonymous said...

man, who the fuck IS this guy? what crawled up his ass and died?

Anonymous said...

S/he sounds paranoid as hell.

Anonymous said...

Nobody will blame you for shutting off the comments for a while.

Anonymous said...

export economy isnt good fer everybody larry! but for some such land reforms...they were shiiittt!

Anonymous said...

ok i just posted the last comment....i dont know why i keep reading this blog. im addicted to another blog too colonos. but i agree with larry to a certain extant....zimbabwe is a pretty diverse country...its like saying that all of africa is one country....certainly not zimbabwe either...some people were totally dependent on wage labor....thats the problem with that dichotomous bullshit. and what about the people's land that was colonized as a result of land reforms...those peasants that i certainly care about livin in huts. I like cities too...butbut... what do you think some of the problems in the brazilian amazon stem from? colonization...but also world bank tenure programs..green revolution initiatives....However, Im still not ready to blame the MST.

Anonymous said...

In nerd language:

Larry, u just got PWNED.

P.S.- I agree with comment #4.

Anonymous said...

Who is anonymous #1? What's the story? Tell us more, tell us more.

Anonymous said...

Obviously somebody with an axe to grind. Who cares who it is? It's 2008.