01 May 2007

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

The Daily Mail brings us grim news and an even grimmer picture than the one at left concerning "Boy" George O'Dowd, the former Culture Club frontman, who's apparently been arrested for kidnapping and chaining a hapless Norwegian escort to "a hook by his bed."

What I found more shocking was that the onetime superstar now lives in Shoreditch rather than the posh digs he once inhabited in Hampstead, where this sort of thing just wouldn't be allowed to happen. Well, except on the Heath, of course, as George Michael can attest.

There's no love lost between the two Georges, by the way, with BG branding GM a "hypocrite" and GM retaliating with the time-honored "Boy George is a bitch." Elton John, the elder statesman of British queen culture, weighs in with, " I think (Boy) George doesn't like Geroge Michael because (Boy) George) doesn't have George Michael's talent," and whereas normally yobbish Noel Gallagher wades into the catfight with a diss on GM: "This is the guy who hid who he actually was from the public for twenty years; now all of a sudden he's got something to say about the way of the world."

Granted, all this gossip and trash-talking apart from the kidnapping and chaining business is old news, but I reckon a snarky bitchfest always bears repeating. Just for the sake of providing context, of course.


erika said...

I read of the BG arrest yesterday. I kinda really like Boy George. His autobiography was awesome.

kristina said...

It's too bad he looks so hideous. He needs to get to rehab and to the gym, STAT!!!!!!

anyone else notice that he is ALWAYS wearing a misfits t-shirt??