22 May 2007

Actually It Just Feels That Way

Living In Berkeley Means Longer Life, Study Finds


Anonymous said...

I read this story this morning and immediately thought of you for some reason. I live in Berkeley and shudder to think of having to put up with my self-righteous hippie (albeit the Volvo driving variety) neighbors when they are in their 80s.

On an unrelated note, I heard Mayor Tom Bates interviewed on KCBS last weekend. He is so full of himself and his city. Mayor Tom rambled about how "green" Berkeley is. He obviously doesn't live in my neighborhood. Litter and abandoned furniture, clothes, and other crap no self-respecting Goodwill Store would accept line the streets. The same streets that are swept only once a month (and that's being generous). All of the trash and hippie goo get washed into the storm drain that flows directly to the Bay. Laci Peterson wasn’t the only thing dumped in the Berkeley Marina. Berkeley is far from green. It's a cesspool of filth.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent. I won't mention the city's Housing Authority in this space. That story also appears in today's Chronicle.

Psmith said...

Larry, why are you anonymously commenting on your own blog?