11 December 2006

England Is Mine, And It Owes Me A Living

How have things changed in recent years? Enough so that Conservative Party Leader and likely future Prime Minister David Cameron is caught fare dodging on his way to a Morrissey concert while I, onetime Morrissey fan extraordinaire, wasn't even aware said concert was happening until I read about it in the papers the following day.

I wouldn't have gone anyway; Wembley Arena is a vile, foul place, more suitable for use as an abbatoir than a musical venue. But apparently Mr Morrissey was in fine fettle, at one point confiding to the audience, "There are only three things wrong with England: Jamie Oliver, Jamie Oliver and Jamie Oliver."

1 comment:

Crumbly said...

Abbatoir? Fettle? Perfume-ponce much?
Just kidding, Larry :)Looking forward to seeing you soon. xoxoxoxo