04 December 2006

Adventures On The Northern Line

Up to Camden Town - well, not really; it was actually hard by Mornington Crescent - to see Punchpuppet put on a drunkenly exuberant Monday night soirée that was actually quite charming in a sloppy, beer-glasses-and-patrons-flying-all-over-the-place sort of way. Luckily the beer glasses were plastic and that patrons insubstantial in the weight and heft department, so no harm done.

I was accompanied by Sebby Zatopek, just back from a week-long tour of Italy, and in between bands we talked about the Zatopeks' prospects for conquering America, which I rate as fairly high, being that they are the best band to come out of UK and/or Europe in about 30 years. With any luck, we'll be seeing them on the East Coast at least come next June.

There was a fair bit of the hands-across-the-water vibe going on, with James Punchpuppet bedecked in a Leftovers t-shirt, Davey sporting the Teen Idols, and Sebby plumping for the Groovie Ghoulies. What's more, Punchpuppet, having been too forgetful and/or drunk to make a set list, wound up playing a string of covers, including two by the Lillingtons and another by Screeching Weasel.

Pippa Blankhead was at the heart of the festivities, commandeering the stage along with the guy from the Swallows to provide gang vocals, though to Pippa's credit, she took the time to pull down her trousers and show us her new Zatopeks and Griswalds tattoos. Afterwards, Pippa and Sebby headed off to Ghetto to see Zombina and the Skeletones, and I was tempted to come along, but a) I didn't have a thing to wear; and b) I have to be up at 7 am. It's times like that when it sucks to be old and responsible. Well, old anyway. Whenever somebody suggests staying out until after the trains stop running, I get edgy. It seems unnatural or something. Whereas when I'm in New York, where the trains run all night, I have few such qualms. Which goes to show... well, nothing really, except perhaps that I'm neurotic. Anyway, a good night out.

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