11 April 2006

King Dork

Today is the official release date for Dr Frank's excellent first novel, King Dork, and it looks to be soaring up the Amazon charts on the strength of largely favourable reviews and probably also helped along by the grass-roots support the good Doctor has built up during his 20+ years piloting the MTX Starship Experience.

I've already ordered a copy to be shipped to my cousin in Australia, who expressed an interest when I told him that King Dork did a merciless demolition job on Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye and the generation which has adopted it as near-holy writ. "I hate that book," he pronounced with all the casual venom a 16 year old death rocker can muster. I'm hoping any of you out there who are at all interested in Frank's book will think about ordering it right away, because in doing so you could be helping to create the kind of buzz than any new book by a relatively unknown writer needs if it's to stand out from the pack and get the attention it deserves.

So far the signs look good. When I reviewed the book in my Punk Planet column (issue #73, not sure if it's out yet), I predicted that King Dork would very possibly have a significant impact on modern literature, to the point where future generations could find themselves being assigned to read it in school, and I stand by that prediction. So buy a copy for yourself and another for a friend and help make sure I'm proved right.

You also might be interested in Frank's Virtual Book Tour, in which he does a week-long troll through some of the East Coast's more prestigious (well, so I'm told; I actually don't know a whole lot about this sort of thing) blogs. It's a smart - brilliant, even - way to market a book on a limited promo budget, and maybe Dr Frank will become the Gnarls Barkley of the literary world. Well, strictly speaking, that analogy would be more valid if King Dork were being sold by digital download only, but you take my meaning, don't you? Anyway, get this book, read it, and spread the word. If nothing else, you'll one day be able to bug your children and grandchildren about how you were there for the birth of a classic.


Holly said...

I'll definately have to get a copy, it sounds interesting!

The Deviot said...

I got it at launch. I was actually fortunate enough to get the last copy too. I'm glad I did, it's really great stuff. It definetly took me back 11 years ago to high school too with it's descriptions of the characters, and archetypes. The core story is addictive too. I'd recommend it to anybody looking for something new.