23 April 2006

Blasphemy-Free Bowel Movements

From today's Observer:
Brixton jail is rebuilding its lavatory block so that Muslim prisoners can relieve themselves without facing Mecca.
Far be it from me to trivialise the role that religious practice can play in helping criminals to rehabilitate themselves. But am I the only who finds it odd that guys who are so assiduous about not urinating toward an indecent point on the compass seemed to have no such qualms when it came to robbing, raping, murdering, or pillaging?

By the way, the little blurb was appended with this:
(No jokes to accompany this item, please - Ed.)
Which may or may not be a joke in itself. It's not always easy to tell these days.


Matt Andrews said...

Reminds me of the astronaut in orbit who's trying to figure out how to face Mecca from space, haha.

Wesley said...

That explains why they blindfolded the prisoners at Abu Ghraib before they made them urinate on each other, so they couldn't check their compasses.

Aryamehr University said...

All this proves is that Christianity isn't the only religion that is stupid.

Spoke said...

I read an article about the challenges of muslims living in space for any length of time. Days seem different. Therefore, the challenge is when do they pray 5 times each day?
The other issue is Mecca. How do you face Mecca to pray when it will be "moving" from your perspective in space?
I'm digging Jesus, He hears my prayers all the time. No matter WHERE I am or when or under what conditions!