26 April 2006

I Was Looking For A Place To Die. Someone Recommended Brooklyn.

I don't know, that just kind of grabbed me as one of the better openings for a novel that I've seen lately. It's from The Brooklyn Follies, by Paul Auster. I'd never heard of it before, but I saw it on sale at the airport, and since I was going to be spending a fair bit of time in Brooklyn over the next few days, it seemed appropriate. Read about half of it on the plane over and was suitably entertained.

Was also pleased to see that spring is still in its early and hence most beautiful stages here on the East Coast, much as it was in London. I was expecting that since New York enjoyed some almost summery weather early this month, all the leaves would be out and most of the spring flowers done for the year, but no, not the case. It's also a little bit chilly, but definitely no worse than London, and here at least the sun is shining.

I'm staying in Manhattan, but will soon be off on my first foray into Brooklyn to see Rose Melberg playing at Magnetic Field. Then a couple days of rest before participating in what looks to be an epic Punk Rock Softball Tournament in Central Park. Stay tuned for details, but for right now, I've gotta get moving.

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Bill Baker said...

Larry? Is it really you?