21 February 2008

On The Air

Just got off the phone with Owen Murphy and Ben Weasel, who had kindly invited me to be a guest on tonight's episode of Weasel Radio.

Ben was mostly in the mood for talking about the pop punk community and a little controversy that has been swirling up around this summer's Baltimore Fest; as an elder statesman, I reiterated my view that this sort of thing is not only inevitable but deeply rooted in human nature, and then, pressed to give my opinion about the three best bands today, I narrowed it down to five (Steinways, Leftovers, Ergs, Copyrights and Guts) and totally forgot to mention the Zatopeks, who are always at or near the top of my list, and similarly neglected to talk about anything outside the admittedly fascinating but still rather narrow confines of pop punk - like Delay, the Max Levine Ensemble, or, ranging a bit further afield, the Weakerthans. All right, I'm monomaniacal, so take me out and shoot me. Alternatively, by the time a guy gets to be my age, he's entitled to know what he likes.

Anyway, if you're interested, Weasel Radio is always a good listen, and I'm sure I didn't manage to screw it up too badly in the ten or so minutes I was on. The show streams live, usually on Wednesday nights, but I guess tonight it'll be Thursday, and as a podcast thereafter. Go to their website and follow the instructions. I've managed to find it a few times myself, so it can't be that hard.

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The show can be downloaded as a podcast here:


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