17 April 2007

Weasel On The Radio

When plugging my Jonnie Whoa Oh podcast appearance the other day, I inadvertently used the same header ("On The Radio" as Ben Weasel had when informing the world about his debut as a sports talk broadcaster. Let's just say that if the singing, writing, t-shirt, and record businesses (Ben's been rather busy of late) should all fall through, I think he's got another promising career lined up here. He actually sounded more professional, or at least more sure of himself, than the guys who'd apparently been hosting the show for years. He also sounded like he was about 20 years old, which was amazing, since he's, well, a bit older than that. Wonder if that's what quitting smoking has given him those crystalline and upbeat tones in place of his gravelly grumble of yore and if so, how it'll sound when he takes the stage for this summer's Insubordination Fest.

Can't figure out how to give you a link to his sports talk guest spot (I'm still only semi-literate with this whole blogging business), but if you just head over to his site, you can find your way from his own post at or near the top of the page. And if that whets your appetite, make sure and check out his regular broadcasts on Waubesa Radio, which seem to be going great guns. Not bad for a guy who once famously said he'd never trust "any motherfucker with an email address."


David said...

Heres a direct link to it:


erika said...

I thought it was great! Ben did an awesome job. My buddy Owen, who hosts the show, has been doing radio at least since I met him in mpls in 1989, so he's kind of a pro. I did think Ben did better and was more interesting than the 3rd guy. It totally should be a regular gig for Ben. I'd listen and I don't know anything about sports!