20 April 2007

President Pander

I voted for her husband twice and might even consider voting for him again, but I've never liked Hillary Clinton. The idea of her gaining the Democratic nomination, let alone being elected president, just plain depresses me. Some of this is visceral: she has always come across as phony, dishonest, and ready to do or say anything to advance her rather murky agenda.

By "murky" I mean: why does this woman want to be president anyway? What exactly does she hope to accomplish? She seems more obsessed with the process of winning that what she might do in office. I wonder sometimes whether her campaign is not some elaborate personal growth and self-actualization strategy devised by her therapist.

And now, just when America showed some signs of finally getting over the Imus brouhaha, here comes Hillary to have a touchy-feely encounter session with the apparently scarred-for-life Rutgers basketball team and their overwrought coach C. Vivian Stringer, who managed to turn a casual insult into a personal and national tragedy on a par with Hurricane Katrina. (To her credit, Coach Stringer has also managed to turn the affair into a lucrative book deal.)

En route to Rutgers, Hillary will stop to grovel at the feet of America's Pimp Emeritus, Al Sharpton, following on the heels of her husband, who made his obeisances yesterday. I never thought I'd say such a thing, but Sharpton actually looks statesmanlike compared with Senator Hill, especially in light of his willingness to extend his criticism of Imus to similarly offensive hip hop acts. Hillary, meanwhile, is still happily raising funds from anyone who will pony up, including rappers who make their living saying things Imus wouldn't have dreamed of.


mikki said...

I am fine with Hillary as a Senator from NY, as long as she doesn't back down on choice.

You should see the documentary that was made last year about the Rutgers women's basketball team. It is fascinating to see that the way they look and their demeanor has been an issue long before Imus. There was a big controversy when some paper called them "thugs" after they beat Notre Dame in the playoffs in 2004.

This does not diminish what a pig Imus is but I wish the larger context had been out there. At one point the coach made them all cover their tattoos so they would get more respect. That's building character!

Larry Livermore said...

Oddly enough, I don't have any problem with Hillary as Senator either, even if the cynic in me wants to believe that she's only done as good a job as she has representing NY in order to position herself for 2008. Regardless of her motivation, however, I think she's been a decent Senator and wouldn't mind seeing her continue in that position.

kristina said...

Aside from being annoying and fake, she's completely unelectable for president. The USA will elect a black man before they elect a woman president. Go Obama! Unfortunately, he seems to be unelectable as well. Repubs again in 08!