30 November 2006

It's Not A Stereotype If It's True

After years of irritating and annoying me with meretricious and obfuscatory bafflegab, academic Terry Eagleton has confounded the odds by coming up with not one, but two cogent thoughts in quick succession. Rather like London buses, you might say.

Shortly after ripping Richard Dawkins a new one on the subject of the latter's silly anti-God screed, Eagleton follows up with this on the subject of ethnic stereotypes:
The Welsh do not take kindly to being regarded as a race of cunning runts permanently coated in coal dust and sheep shit, but they tend to protest rather less hotly when one praises their musical abilities.
He then goes on to take a swipe at Scousers, suggesting:
It is unusual to meet a working-class Liverpudlian who dresses for dinner other than in the sense of putting on a shirt.

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