07 November 2006

The Old Man And The Shoe

The combination of another birthday and having been a semi-cripple for the past month has left me feeling considerably more than my age, though hopefully this is only a temporary condition. And today a giant, if you'll pardon the expression, step has been taken in my hoped-for return to normality: my operated-upon foot is once more encased in a shoe.

Not a special post-op shoe (looks kind of like an especially lame hippie sandal with velcro straps) and toe splint, which has been my required footwear ever since they took the bandages off, but a regular, old-fashioned shoe. In fact, it's one of my internet shoes that you may have read about here a few months back. Today's visit to the doctor produced approval not only to start wearing my shoe again (though only for an hour or two a day to start), but also to attempt some unaided walking. Pretty exciting stuff, this walking business. It's almost been worth going through the business of not being able to for the sake of acquiring this new appreciation.

Of course I can't go out for any long hikes just yet. In fact a one-block trek to the nearest mailbox is about as much as I have on the horizon for right now. There's a whole process of rehabilitation, including numerous toe-flexing exercises, that I still have to go through. But - and, before I forget, thanks for all your messages of encouragement and support - it looks like I'm on my way.


Erika said...

Sorry I accidentally stepped on your foot. Glad to hear it didn't set you back in your recovery. I felt really awful, as you know. Yay for shoe! :)

Larry Livermore said...

You didn't step on my foot, merely bumped into the end of the troubled toe. My bellowing was more precautionary (like a car horn) than painful. Seriously, you barely touched it. Anyway, it still works; the doctor wiggled it up and down and said he was impressed with his own handiwork.