28 June 2006

The Town That Has Yet To Get Over Itself

You knew I had to be talking about Berkeley, right?

Okay, could have been San Francisco too, but same difference. In the latest news from America's largest unenclosed playpen for superannuated radicals, the Berkeley City Council has put the world on notice with a ballot measure advocating the impeachment of both George Bush and Dick Cheney.

What? You say the world is unlikely to notice, let alone take seriously, pronouncements on national or international policy from a city that can barely manage its own finances or educate its own children? Why, you are far too cynical. Everyone knows that Berkeley and its politicians are much stronger on the big-picture issues than on that minor-league local stuff, and if once-vibrant commercial districts are degenerating into day care homes for beggars and petty criminals, well, no doubt that's the Republicans' fault, too, even if one hasn't been sighted within the city limits since 1969.

The City Council did, however, decide not to set up a task force to "monitor" the President and Vice-President. No doubt Bush and Cheney are sleeping easier tonight knowing they've managed to dodge that bullet.

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