29 June 2006

The Rat Community

Yep, the Bay Area again. The Chronicle reports an outcry from rat fanciers far and wide after over a thousand rats found scampering around the one-bedroom Petaluma home of a mentally challenged retired armed robber, many of them with "eyeballs missing, teeth growing into the opposite jaw, huge abscesses with open wounds," were disposed of, as in killed, by the animal control agency called in to deal with them.

"An unspeakable injustice to those rats who deserved better," fumes one "self-described rat lover." "Maybe they would have been better advised to leave the animals in their horrible conditions until we, the rat community, had a few days to get moving," moans another, who adds that she and fellow nyfitsaphiles will be "scrutinizing Petaluma's actions and culpability for this slaughter."

But apparently it's me who's the oddball here. A quick Google search for "rat lovers" provides over 25,000 references, including You Know You're A Rat Lover When... "you hear that New York City is overrun with rats and you just don't see the problem."

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Crumbly said...

"Insane Rats, They Will Attack!"

Name that tune...and band.