08 March 2006

Not Learning From History

I'm advised that SDS, aka Students For a Democratic Society, the 1960s group who, originally founded in 1962 took only seven years to degenerate from non-violent, vaguely left-wing idealists into bomb-throwing psychopaths, is back in business.

We are activists from around the country who feel that a student movement is desperately needed to carry on the struggle for participatory democracy

is what their website says; it's might be worth bearing in mind that this is pretty much what they said the first time around, which didn't stop them from rather quickly becoming about as undemocratic a movement as you'd want to see this side of Nazi Germany.


drydock said...

Let's see the nazis kill tens of millions, the US government killed 1-2 million Vietnamese, while the 60's SDS related people killed maybe 2-3 people.

Or maybe Larry is influenced by Stalin's line "one death is tradegy, a million is a statistic".

Larry Livermore said...

I was comparing undemocratic tendencies, not death counts.

And if you want an example of how murderous the highly undemocratic SDS/Weatherman fruitcakes could have been had they ever gained any real power, take a look at Pol Pot's Cambodia or Peru's Sendero Luminoso, two examples of "progressive" intellectual movements married to lunatic ideologies.