20 February 2006

Which Means About 20% Of The People In My Building Are Dangerously Insane

Given some of the buildings I've lived in, that's probably not an extraordinary percentage, but if this poll in the Telegraph is correct, it means that a significant number of the people who live in my building are in favour of imposing sharia law in Britain. Perhaps I'm not being culturally sensitive enough when I call them "dangerously insane," but sorry, stoning women to death for adultery or beheading them for drawing the wrong kind of cartoons comes close enough to my defintion of dangerously insane that I feel no need to split hairs.


Jesse said...

A muslim friend of mine mentioned that a lot of the things we westerners see as 'fundamnentalist' islamic values- e.g. stoning women and killing people for being different - actually predate islam and are relics of "the time of ignorance." I wonder why we haven't heard this before.

Spoke said...

Lyrics in a song by an 80's band:"an eye for an eye untill everyone is blind..." is quite sobering. With many different opinions on right and wrong, and just as many moral compasses, who will be left standing...or at least kneeling?
Love your neibour, pray for your enemys ( whats an enemy?)