25 July 2011

Hello again!

I think I'm going to resurrect this site for posting quick thoughts or commentaries that are too long for Twitter but too short or too simple for the bigger, fancier, more serious and more literary blog (my description, not anyone else's, to be fair): http://larrylivermore.com/

Having said that, I don't have much else to say today, other than that it's raining, has stopped being over 100 degrees, and I'm madly procrastinating about finishing the rough draft of Spy Rock Memories, Part 7, even though I already know exactly what I want to say, am excited about saying it, and am quite anxious to move on toward finish Parts 8 through 10 (i.e., the rest of the story) before summer's end so I can move on to my next big project, which I'm even more excited about, but which will have to remain a big secret for now!

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