15 May 2009

Attention All Geeks

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but like most things I think about, it never quite got done. This particular project involves developing a full-fledged website instead of just a blog, where I could host not only these occasional words of wisdom (or words of occasional wisdom), but also a selection of my past writing (columns from MRR, Punk Planet, Lookout, Zippo, Cometbus, Homocore, etc.), music and photos.

I've got the domain name, I even bought a couple books about how to write html and build websites, etc., but this has been dragging on for years now and either I'm just too thick or too lazy (or both and more) to make any progress. So, I'm putting out the call for anyone who might be interested in helping me get this thing up and going. Preferably it would be someone in the New York City area, and someone with some patience, since I'm not always the brightest guy in the room when it comes to understanding technical stuff. Although once I figure it out, I'm usually pretty good at building on that knowledge, so basically all I'm asking is that you get me started and show me how to upload new items, and I think from then on I'd probably be all right on my own. Together we could make internet history! Or pile a few more bundles of drivel onto the great sprawling heap of banality that is the Worldwide Web (do people still call it that? I was going to make an information superhighway traffic jam metaphor, but that seemed even more dated). Oh yeah, Web 2.0, that's the ticket, whatever it is. We'll be, like, interactive! Let me know if you think you might be able to help. Thanks!


Sultana said...
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rickygremlin said...

Off topic but please write about your SNL experience!

David said...

Hi Larry,

Why not try something like Wordpress? It has a real rich interface for posting content and would also allow you to feed your posts from your blog.

I have a Wordpress I created for my old radio show (http://allscreamsconsidered.wordpress.com/) which has "Pages" for static, non-news posts, and archives of all of my radio shows.


Anonymous said...
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Fuzzy said...

I could help, I live in France, but like any good web worker, we will try to convince you that needing to be in the same city let alone country is a quaint 20th century idea. We met a few times but never really knew each other but I'd be happy to help and I create a lot of sites in Wordpress, which allows you to do the updates yourself almost as easily as through this Blogger interface.

fnoppie said...

Hi Larry,

I'd be more than willing to help you out but I live in the Netherlands as you might recall. Getting that old stuff out is a great idea! Just let me know. Wordpress might just be what you are looking for as some others already mentioned. Easy to set up, customizable and cheap.