01 September 2008

Bristol Honey, Would You Do Mummy A Favor And Go Get Knocked Up?

The news that your unmarried teenage daughter is pregnant is not usually greeted with unalloyed delight, especially when you're a politician running for office on a platform of fundamentalist Christianity and traditional family values. But Bristol Palin's just-announced pregnancy could be, if you'll pardon the expression, a godsend, as it would appear to put paid to the weekend's rumors that her mother, VP candidate Sarah Palin, faked her own pregnancy to cover up a previous indiscretion on Bristol's part.

If the chronology being put forth by the Palin campaign is correct, it would be a near-impossibility for Bristol, supposedly five months pregnant, to have also been the mother of baby Trig, born in mid-April. Still, there does seem to be something a little strange about this particular family drama, particularly the fact that Governor Sarah was never seen looking notably pregnant and seems to have been barely if at all inconvenienced by giving birth.

Nonetheless, barring further information (which, given the hyperactivity of the interblogs these past couple days, is not at all unlikely), I'll have to conclude that the faked pregnancy story, while a good soap opera or movie premise, is not true, and let Governor Sarah get on with explaining why her much-vaunted executive experience doesn't seem to have come in very handy in constraining her own home-grown teenage pregnancy epidemic. I mean, how does a teenager from an even semi-functional family manage to get knocked up these days (spare me the obvious comments)? Is this the 1950s or something? Or merely a rather stark reminder of what the fundamentalist campaign to bring back the 1950s looks like in real life?


MS69 said...

Bristol is having the baby and marrying the father. That would satisfy most Christians that I know. Your mileage may vary. Im not on the left politically so I imagine that the reaction on your side will be more hyperbolic but hopefully not as embarassing as the fake pregnancy rumor. I just hope the father isnt an already married African exchange student.

Jersey Beat said...

Alaska public schools do not have to teach sex education, and the Governor herself has said she is in favor of "abstinence only" sex ed.
And of course it would be coarse and unseemly for anyone on the left to suggest that "abstinence only" sex education leads to one thing - teenage pregnancy - despite the rather obvious proof in front of us. True to the hypocrisy of the Grand Old Party, I can't even imagine the outcry over the immorality of it all had this been Joe Biden's unmarried teenage daughter.