04 July 2008

A Screw Loose

Remember when I was telling you about getting that expensive titanium screw put into my jawbone a few weeks back? Well, just after I got back from the Fest, I was alarmed to see a piece of steel, looking remarkably like the head of a nail or screw, poking through my gums. As far as I knew, that wasn't supposed to be happening, but for the next couple of days, more and more of metal became visible, and finally yesterday it just popped out into the palm of my hand (I considered myself lucky that it didn't happen when I was sleeping, as I could have very easily swallowed it then).

Admittedly it doesn't look that big in the picture at left, but believe me, it's a lot bigger than anything you'd want popping out of your mouth, especially if you'd spent a couple grand having it put in there. But apparently - if I can trust the dentist, who looked at this same picture via email - it's not the actual implant, just a screw meant to hold it in there while it bonds with the bone. So I'm still on course for getting a new tooth in a few months, barring any more hardware coming loose.

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