16 May 2008

Barack Hussein Obama Is A Long-Legged Pimp

With several months to go before the campaign *really* gets going in earnest, I think it's already safe to say that 2008 will provide us with some of the liveliest and zaniest bits of invective since "Maw, maw, where's my Paw? Gone to the White House, haw haw haw!"

Here we see the Rev. Manning, who is apparently Rev. Wright's doppelgänger from Opposite Land, laying down the truth about the unholy trinity of Oprah Winfrey, the long-legged pimp Barack Obama, and the Rev. Wright, homosexuals all, apparently, and given yesterday's developments in California, perhaps headed for a state-sanctioned ménage-à-trois in the White House.

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joseph said...

Vice President Oprah Winfrey? Secretary of State Rev. Wright? Wouldn't that be a John McCain dream ticket? The Lord sayeth in Jesus' name - Rev. Manning is either out of his head or having a laugh at our expense. I'm hoping this is amateur YouTube comedy. He did a nice job with the set and graphics. I’d give the video two stars.