07 October 2007

Weasel Radio

You'll need to have at least a passing interest in sports to get the full effect, but even if you don't know your Bears from your Cubs or your Packers from your Brewers, you should still tune into Ben Weasel's new radio show. As I noted before when Ben appeared as a guest on a local sports talk show, the man is a natural. I'm reluctant to wish him too much success in the world of radio for fear that he'll lose interest in at least occasionally coming out to play music for his fans (Insubordination Fest 2008: we're counting on you, Ben!), but it doesn't really matter what I think; Ben's got the perfect personality and presentation to go as far as he chooses as a radio star. And even if the sports angle puts you off, there's plenty of talk about music as well, and even a few tunes thrown in. Check it out.

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