06 July 2007

Friday Morning Update

All predictions to the contrary, the day has dawned sunny and hot here in "The Greatest City In America" (the latest of a thousand slogans aimed at rebranding Baltimore as something more than a haven for murder and pop punk festivals. I feel like I failed to report numerous details of last night's events, like Christian being pelted with little girl's panties during the acoustic Tattletales set, one pair of which ended up on the head of Grath McGrath as he joined Team Stray onstage to sing a song that was great apart from Grath's apparent inability to stop yelling "Pop punk!" every few seconds. Let's hope he can do a better job of restraining himself when backing up Ben Weasel at tomorrow's show. Somehow I don't think Ben would find it quite as amusing.

Today P Smith, Jesse Blatz and I are off to do patriotic things, namely visit the Fort McHenry and record a three part harmony version of the Star Spangled Banner. Speaking of which, I'd better get going! More tonight, if I'm not too exhausted.

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