02 March 2007

Aaron Cometbus Interview

A few years ago I did a lengthy interview with Aaron Cometbus, about two thirds of which was published in Punk Planet. Someone recently went to the trouble of transcribing and posting it online, so if you missed the interview the first time around or are interested in re-reading it, you can find it here.

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Anna Louise said...

It was only yesterday that the Aaron's book Despite Everything came in the post, i have been readign all day through school and i read the Ramones interview (unfortunately my clumsy nature has left my book lying on a table in the music rooms) the book is really interesting (gets you through boring lessons) and what you say in the interview "feel somewhere in your heart a desire to go someplace you've never been before" well that embodies what i felt when i was readin earlier today. The book is fantastic, reading different stories and articles written long ago (at least for me, some written before i was born) is really great.