20 January 2006

No One's Ever Satisfied

"I Wanna Be A Crackhead Author", the San Francisco Chronicle's drug-addled, awkwardly aging post-baby boomer Mark Morford laments in his latest logorrheic upchucking. A crackhead newspaper columnist is no longer enough?

Afterthought: actually, I don't even particularly disagree with the article cited, hamhanded as his attempts at satire might be. But I'll put this down to stopped-clock syndrome. I remain convinced that Morford is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to make San Francisco an international laughingstock. Redundant as any such efforts might be.


Holly said...

So Larry, how long do you plan to stay in Sydney? Now that you have changed the location on your blog to Sydney, do you plan to spend a long time there?

Larry Livermore said...

I will be in Sydney until the second week of March, and then will be back in London (after a brief stopover in Berkeley). Since I move around a fair bit, I decided to alter my location every time I change cities or countries from now on.