15 December 2005

Other Writing

As some of you will know, I also write a bimonthly column for Punk Planet, something I’ve been doing for almost 12 years, and before that, I spent another seven years writing a similar column for Maximum Rocknroll. I’ve just spent that last several hours finishing up my latest for Punk Planet, and since it won’t be available on the newsstands until February or March, it’s very tempting to post it here now.

Even greater was the temptation not to put myself through the strain of writing something new, but instead to submit one of my blog entries as a column, but in the end I’ve resisted both temptations, at least for the time being. When this project expands into a full-fledged website – hopefully in the next month or two – I plan to post many of the columns I’ve done for Punk Planet and MRR, as well as a selection of my favourite articles from Lookout. But in the meantime, if you haven’t had enough of me here, you’ll still have to buy the magazine (or do what I do: read it while hanging around the book shop).

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