24 November 2005

Meet The Leftovers

Like pop-punk and the Beatles? IT wizard and Faux-tatomen guitarist Jesse has helped Portland's Ikea-loving Leftovers turn their mild obsession into an internet-only free EP which you can see and listen to here.


Jesse said...

Hooray! I'm famous!

Joseph said...

Ahhhh. What a beautiful way to spend 8 minutes. I enjoyed all four songs. Does anyone remember when the Flamin' Groovies went through their Beatles obsessed period? The Leftovers took me back to that time (circa 1976). I remember playing the "Shake Some Action" 12" over and over and over, much to the dismay of my parents and siblings. To this day I think that is one of the best pop songs ever recorded. Thanks for sweetening my day, Jesse. If only the Leftovers would record an ep of Flamin’ Groovies covers… I suppose that is asking for too much.

Coincidentally (or not), I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was preparing for a radio show – a show that would consist only of cover songs. For some reason I chose Joe Jackson’s version of “The Harder They Come” as the opening song (you’d think I’d have the sense to play the Keith Richards version – even if it was just a dream).